Smart Marketing Basics

Smart Marketing Starts with a Solid Message

I am inspired by a recent blog article from Marketing Sherpa, Writing Better Releases and Copy,, written by reporter Adam T. Sutton. He talks about how often he comes across press releases that don’t really say anything, but feature “gobbleygook”.  Or described another way, superlatives and hype.  The blog article goes on to cite some resources devoted to this topic, and also calls out the most commonly used “gobbleygook” phrases.   Check it out to see if you have been an offender. 

This topic hits near and dear to me, as creating good marketing, specifically press releases, starts with building a solid and clear message.  Developing and issuing press releases is a key promotional activity that can drive marketing leads and growth for your business.  However, most small and even medium- sized businesses struggle with crafting a short, succint, meaningful story before embarking on drafting news announcements. 

At a minimum, organizations should develop a company boilerplate description that is used consistently across all marketing communications.  This is the foundation upon which the marketing templates available from, were built upon.  See our featured article, “Using Press Releases to Market Your Business“, available for free download at


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