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Announcing the Press Release Tutor for Small Business Marketers

For small business owners, getting started marketing your business can be overwhelming, confusing and costly.  I founded the website to help small businesses address this issue head on with some easy to use templates to guide them along.  My philosophy is that there are several smart marketing basics that small businesses can use to get going.   Once you have a few initial successes, then you will be more apt to invest and expand after seeing the value of marketing. 

I am excited to share our news announcing the new Press Release Tutor, a new smart marketing template for small business marketers.  The Press Release Tutor was created to help small businesses create well-written press releases, in 5 easy steps.  Writing press releases to promote your small business is essential, but creating the right message can be challenging, especially for non-marketing professionals.

Press Release Templates

How the Press Release Tutor Templates Work

By using the Press Release Tutor, small business marketers can preview and select from a collection of announcement templates, craft a boilerplate marketing message using basic questions about their business, and then automatically generate a well-written release draft. Tutor Tips also provide advice on effective messaging fundamentals. After some final review and editing, users can download their press release and distribute.
Please check it out at  We would love to hear your feedback!



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  1. * Judy Steele says:

    As a former public relations professional, and currently a college English teacher, I consider the SMB Marketer to be a valuable business tool for many different types of small businesses. During several years as a free-lance public relations specialist, I wrote numerous newsletters for my clients, and was often asked to help design ads and other marketing collateral. If this service had been available then, I would have jumped to incorporate it into my business.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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