Smart Marketing Basics

Using Awards to Market Your Small Business just received – a Small Business Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association.  The 2010 WebAwards is the standards-defining competition that sets industry benchmarks for the best web sites.  Industry expert judges scrutinized more than 2,000 website entrants based on seven criteria, including design, content, and ease of use.  Complete award details are available on the 2010 WebAward website.

While I am honored that the 2010 WebAwards recognized our new website as an effective way for small businesses to quickly create professional press releases using low-cost templates, it also presents me with an educational opportunity to write about in this blog, Smart Marketing Basics.

Remember, issuing press releases is a great way to build awareness for your small business. Smart marketers invest in developing a pipeline of potential announcements, to ensure they are putting out a steady stream of news throughout the year.  Researching and applying for awards specific to your industry or product application, is a great way to get your company known.

Awards are also a great way to get validation on your offering. For, the 2010 WebAward provides independent validation that small businesses can benefit from easy to use, low cost tools to jumpstart their marketing efforts. Outside experts put our site to the test and commented that we “had a great site that was fast, informative and interactive.”

Awards and industry recognition are a great way to supplement your own marketing efforts, and give you credibility among potential customers.  A good way to find appropriate award programs is to research the industry events that your customers attend, as well as local business associations within your community.   Be sure to also check with magazines or publications that follow your industry.  You can also analyze the web sites of your competitors or related companies to see what recognitions they might have garnered.

Award applications often involved long lead times, so invest some time early on to determine application deadlines and to plan around any other requirements.  To learn more about small business marketing using press releases, download our free article, Using Press Releases to Market Your Business at


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