Smart Marketing Basics

Customer Testimonials Are Key To Small Business Marketing

Often times, small business marketers can feel the pinch of a tight marketing budget.  If you are one of these individuals, don’t despair – there are ways to leverage your everyday business activities and successes that can really help.  The customers your organization deals with on a daily basis represent a ‘smart marketing play’ to any business.  Why?  Because they help you to build credibility and trust with potential prospects. 

@SMB_Marketer recently tweeted about a great article on this topic, called “How to Effectively Use Testimonials,”  by Neil Patel on his blog, QuickSprout.  View the tweet and article link at:

The article talks about the value of customer testimonials, as well as tips on how to create them, including using testimonials from organizations that are relevant to your target market, incorporating specific product benefits, and using them in ways that support a specific claim that you make.  One of the best ways to get customer testimonials is to issue press releases on your customer wins. 

Remember, your work should not stop after the deal comes in.  Promoting customer wins are critical to building momentum for your organization, because they create credibility within your marketplace, and help you to establish a proven track record. Small business marketers will agree that having reference-able customers is must.The goal of is to provide smart marketing templates to small business owners and managers to help them get started.  If you are looking for easy, step-by-step templates for writing press releases, consider the Press Release Tutor™, an interactive template that takes answers to basic questions about your business, and turns them into well-written press releases, instantly!

However, writing press releases to promote your new customer wins can be challenging when you are not sure how to create the right message.  But dont’ let that stop you – there are easy, actionable press release templates available that can walk small business marketers step by step through the process of crafting a solid message, that is clear, concise and compelling.  Not only can press releases be posted to your website, sent to journalists and media outlets, but they are a great conversation starter for your sales teams to send to existing accounts and new prospects.  See below for more information on getting started writing press releases.


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