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My Favorite Marketing “Tweets” for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

It is not hard to argue the importance of marketing to the success of any business. For entrepreneurs and small business marketers, the challenge seems to lie in simply getting started. The discipline of marketing is vast, encompassing many practice areas where most marketing professionals focus on mastering only a few specific skill areas.

After spending 20+ years in the marketing arena, my experience has shown that startups and small businesses need actionable, easy ways to get started marketing, and they need to do it fast.  They can’t usually afford in the beginning to invest in a lot of staff, agencies or consultants, and so having some easy templates and strategies to get them going is key. If the initial steps seem too complicated, they simply won’t do it.  Think easy, actionable tips – or in this case, tweetable tips!

If you subscribe to my blog, Smart Marketing Basics, or follow me on Twitter @SMB_marketer, you can see that I write on this topic often.  Below I feature some of my favorite ‘tweets’ that highlight two “must do” marketing tips for small businesses simply trying to get started with marketing:

1) Use PR to promote Your Business
This is easier than most people think, and is a low cost of entry investment.  Even if you are not doing a big PR blitz around a new product launch, creating press releases give you a sales tool for cold calling, helps with drive better search results to your website, and gives you content you can email to prospect lists.  You should regularly write press releases on what your business is up to.  One idea is to seek out local business and industry events where you can speak on a topic related to your business.  Here are some of my favorite tweets on this topic:

Small Business Marketing Should Include Speaking at Events:

Tips for small business on how to write winning press releases:

2) Good Marketing Starts with a Solid Message
Most small companies don’t invest in this activity, and so initial marketing results meet with poor performance because their messages are not clear, concise and compelling to readers. There are cheap, easy templates available from many sites to help get you started (including ours, Here is a favorite tweet on this topic:

Smart Marketing Starts with a Solid Message:

I hope these tweeted tips give you the marketing inspiration you need to get going!  Don’t get overwhelmed by all the marketing possibilities out there.  Rather, focus on doing a couple of things first, and then build from there.  Once you are ready to add more to your marketing mix, check out our free article, Ten Marketing Basics for Your Small Business on our website.

Article: Ten Marketing Basics for your Small Business

Article: Ten Marketing Basics for your Small Business


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