Smart Marketing Basics

Boost Your Small Business Brand with a Promotion or Community Program

I was recently asked by Toilet Paper Enterpreneur to contribute to a collaborative blog article that sought to collect a variety of quick tips on how to give your brand a boost.  Here’s the quick tip that I submitted:

Run A Promotion Or Fun ContestIf you want to bring some fun and excitement to your brand fast, then run a creative promotion or host a contest. You can ask your customers to name your next product, or provide a new product idea, or submit a case study. Result = loyal customers!

You can see the complete list of tips, 86 in total, by going to the complete blog post lcoated at:  My tip is number 79.

Launching a special promotion or community program is a great way to market your small business, and an excellent opportunity to issue a press release.  Whether you are a small business offering a special promotion, or a local public agency announcing a new community assistance program, announcing this news will drive customers or end users to respond to your offer.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy promotion with advertising slicks and expensive give-aways.  Rather, focus on offering up your business expertise or a trial service offering.  Not only will a promotional program boost your company’s brand, but it can drive sales as well. 

Any special promotion or community program press release should talk to who the promotion is targeted to and the value that your promotion provides.  Your press release should also include specific details such as eligibility requirements if any, and timeframe for the offer.  Always conclude your release by highlighting a compelling call-to-action, or “the next step” that your readers should take after reading your news announcement.

There are many low-cost press release templates available that can help you to easily write a professional release to announce your promotional program.  The Press Release Tutor online template series, from, features 5 different types of press releases, including the “Special Promotion Press Release Template”.  The Press Release Tutor templates reference example press release content for each type of release, to make it easy for you to follow along.

For example, Dander-Mufflin, our fictitious technology software company used in the Press Release Tutor templates, could use a press release to promote a free software training class to customers that purchase a new software license in the next 30 days.  This is a good example of how a company can leverage an existing offering to create a compelling promotion that drives sales.  See the image below for what this press release might look like.

Hope these tips help you in your quest to market your small business!


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