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Sue Watkins, author, Smart Marketing Basics blog

Sue Watkins, author, Smart Marketing Basics blog

Smart Marketing Basics is the official blog of™, and features regular posts for small business marketers. Our posts cover easy, actionable marketing tips and advice to help small businesses to get started marketing fast, without investing a lot of time and money up front. We’ll talk about the “smart marketing plays” that organizations are doing every day to grow their business. Please join our conversation!™ is a website specializing in smart marketing templates and advice for small and medium-sized businesses. launched in 2010, with the introduction of the Press Release Tutor™, an interactive template that takes answers to basic questions about your business, and turns them into well-written press releases, instantly! was created by Sue Watkins, a seasoned technology marketing executive who was inspired to create an easy to use resource for “non-marketing” professionals – specifically small to medium businesses that are savvy entrepreneurs, but struggle to invest in marketing as a way to grow their companies.

Designed for organizations that have limited in-house marketing resources and knowledge of marketing fundamentals, offers tools and templates to give small and medium-sized business owners an initial starting point to learn more about basic marketing strategy, and to provide them with low-cost templates that will increase their business success.

Sue has spent the last 20+ years developing marketing strategies and campaigns, building marketing organizations, and generating momentum for high tech companies and products. Her industry experience includes construction and real estate, business and consumer software, wireless technology, software utilities and development tools, and small business software.

Throughout her career, Sue has served in a variety of executive marketing positions for several technology startup companies in the Sacramento, Calif. region, including ShareWave and Realty Plus Online. Originally from Silicon Valley, Sue worked for several technology companies including Symantec Corporation, Apple Computer, and Banner Blue Software. She also received her MBA from Santa Clara University. For more information, contact Sue at:

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    Just when we need it! A valuable, fast and informative, interactive business website at last!

    Anthony de Losada
    International Business Consultants

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