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Boost Your Search Results with Press Releases

If you are a small business trying to improve your search engine results, you are probably tackling common best practices, such as building a relevant keyword list, optimizing your site content and page titles, and link building with other websites. These are certainly SEO basics to stay on top off.

But also as important, if not more, is creating publicity and news for your organization that drives traffic back to your site. Using press releases to promote your products and services, and your organization’s successes, is critical to driving good search engine results. Not only does your website need relevant content that supports your business offerings, but its needs to feature recently added content. Search engine algorithms keep an eye out for not only quantity of content based on your keywords, but also for quantity and “recency”, or fresh information. Search engines will favors sites that feature a plentiful amount of current, relevant content.

The easiest way to do this is to develop and issue press announcements from your company on a regular basis. Not only should you post press releases on your website, but distributing them over a newswire service or to other internet sites increases the exposure your news can get exponentially. One of our marketing partners, EON from BusinessWire, provides such services, offering users a permanent URL for their news releases, along with options to include photos and images.

The best approach to take is to develop a regular calendar of news announcements you would like to make. These can be recent customer wins, new products that have come to market, special events or education seminars you are offering, even award recognitions you have garnered. There is no excuse not to be creating your own news on a regular basis.

Writing a press release might seem overwhelming, especially for small business owners who are not sure how to create a clear and compelling message. Remember, you are the expert, and you know your business best. That is why we built the Press Release Tutor template – it’s an easy to use, interactive template, that interviews you about your business, then turns your answers into a professionally written press release.

The biggest challenge I hear about when talking to small business owners is having enough time to tackle these basic marketing tasks. They want access to turnkey, easy to use templates and tools that make it easy for them to get started, without investing a lot of time and money up front.

In today’s challenging marketplace, small businesses must invest in marketing basics including search marketing – but why not go for the double-whammy? Use press releases to promote your business as well as to boost your search rankings. For more information on this topic, check out our free article, “Using Press Releases to Market Your Small Business“, available at

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