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Check out 6 creative ways to fund a startup

This ‘slideshow’ article on provides some interesting profiles on startups that got creative in their fundraising efforts.  So for all of you entrepreneurs, and customers, check it out!  Who knew that selling breakfast cereal could help to pay the corporate bills!  Competitions, incubators and peer-to-peer lending all figured in the success of these six companies.  See the full article at:

Free Cash for your Business

Even with the easy to use, cost effective marketing tools and templates provided by, many business startups will require funding to get to critical mass.  As we all know, it’s a tough fundraising environment out there, and so I’d like to share this interesting article featured on, titled “Free cash for your business – Small business grants are rare, but they do exist.  Here’s how to find them.”  This article was written by Eilene Zimmerman, late last year, but it profiles some basic information about grants and other funding opportunities from state and local governments. Be sure to check it out by going to:

Marketing Your Thought Leadership

Here’s an inspirational story from about entrepreneur, Michele Leder, who after getting laid off, parlayed her industry knowledge into a successful company.  She used a blog to market her thought leadership – a smart marketing play for any small business.  Marketing your industry expertise in the form of free articles on your website, case studies, professional tips and tricks, is a great way to build your brand, without investing a lot of money.  It helps you to build credibility, and to get you known within your industry.

Read her story by going to:

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