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Add a “Call to Action” When Writing Your Small Business Press Release

Got News?  Then you better be sure to share it with your prospective customers by issuing a press release.  Using public relations and press releases is a smart marketing basic strategy for any small business that needs to increase exposure for its organization, products and services.

Don’t be shy about talking up your montly business wins, including new customers you have brought on board,  new product or service offerings, or special events or trainings you are doing.  There are some key basic ingredients you want to use when it comes to writing press releases – these include:

  • A compelling headline that provides the “so what” value of your news.
  • A clear, concise introductory paragraph that identifies who you are, and provides a quick summary of your news release.
  • A specific value statement or short sentence that states who do you help and how, and why are you better than alternative solutions.
  • A call to action or a next step – what do you want readers to do after reading your announcement.

Let’s focus on that last one – a “call to action”.  This is a critical component of any press release that you write.  Why?  Because the goal of your press release is to get readers interested in what you do, and then take the next step.  Think of it as dating. 

With a potential new prospect, your communications should focus on a specific piece of value.  If you try to tell your entire value proposition all at once, you risk losing your reader’s attention.  You want prospects to get to know you step-by-step.  Your press release content should be clear and concise, so that you get readers interested in knowing more.  Next, you incentivize them with a compelling call to action to keep the dialogue going.

Your call to action can take many forms and does not have cost a lot of money.  By offering up your expertise in a variety of formats, you can get readers to take the next step.  For press releases, some effective examples include:

  • Free webinar or demo – include a link in your press release to a 1-hour webinar to get deeper insights into your solution. 
  • Customer case studies – offer up a case study that readers can download that illustrates how organizations are utilizing your products and services.
  • Whitepaper or solution collateral – provide educational pieces such as whitepapers, brochures or research articles that help to educate your prospects on your offerings.  
  • Survey results – conduct a quick poll or short online survey of your customers on a particular topic, and then share the results for free.
  • Free consultation – schedule 30-minute consultation phone calls for prospects and your sales team or product experts to talk through preliminary questions.

These are just a few examples.  Take a few minutes to brainstorm potential call to action offers that support your business or sales cycle. We would love to hear your ideas in our comments section!

For more help on how to write professional press releases, you can visit our website at to view our free smart marketing article series and our low-cost press release templates.



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